Keurig K55 Review

Coffee can never get enough of our praises. It is so badly ubiquitous that there is hardly anyone in the entire country that does not savour the taste of one good cup. A good cup of coffee is made with the help of a quality coffee maker. There is no better quality coffee maker than the K55 Keurig coffee maker reviews. One model to keep an eye on is the Keurig K55. This model is known for its versatility and accommodation for various sizes of K-cups. In a way, you can never get tired of this machine. We are writing this review to give you an insight into the benefits and shortcomings of this coffee maker.

  1. What comes in the box 

When you buy a brand new Keurig K55 from Amazon, its box is loaded with the important items. The box contains two water filters so that the ratio is not much affected, a handle for water filter, 4 pods or K-cups and the K55 coffee maker itself. 

  1. Some features to look out for 

The Keurig K55 has many important features out of the box that need to be touched upon. These features are: 

  • This coffee maker saves energy with the help of its unique feature known as the auto-off. This feature powers off the machine after registering idle run for about two hours. 
  • Descaling is a term that should go into your vocabulary related to coffee. It is the process of cleaning the coffee maker with white vinegar. 
  • K55 boasts of a reservoir capacity of 48 ounces which is considered stunning for a machine in this range. Also, the reservoir for water is detachable which makes way for easier cleaning. 
  • As mentioned earlier, the Keurig K55 can handle a wide range of K-cup sizes viz., from 6 ounces to 10 ounces. 

After touching upon the features, we will take a look at the cons and pros of the coffee maker. 

  1. What we did not find impressive 

No matter how good a product is, there is bound to be certain shortcomings or cons. We found the following cons in this machine: 

  • There is no temperature control present in this machine. This is setback for those who want to take control of the flavour manually. 
  • Furthermore, it nags us that there is no setting for high altitude. 
  • The maximum available size of cup is restricted to 9.25 ounces. 

If these things did not appeal to use, there are some that did. 

  1. What impressed us 

The pros of the Keurig K55 are: 

  • The water reservoir is removable for easier cleaning. 
  • The drip tray is removable. 
  • Keurig is the easiest machine to use. The convenience is unmatched. 
  • It is compatible with a wide range of K-cups that include those from Keurig itself and those that are manufactured by other brands. 

We think that these pros are enough to attract you. 

This sums up our review for the Keurig K55. While we did bring all the important features to you, the final choice rests in your hands. Happy brewing! 

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse 

Desserts are irresistible in their own way. They are generally relished after the main course but while we do that, we tend to forget that desserts are what comprise life. Desserts should be enjoyed whenever the need calls upon, without any guilt. Stealing desserts from the fridge is not a misdemeanor. Anyway, let us not get too much carried away.

There is no better dessert than the one that has chocolate as an ingredient. You cannot deny the refreshing taste of raspberries. If we combine both of these, the result is going to blow away minds. Here, we tend to do just that by bringing the fusion to your platter. So, without much further discussion, let us now fall back on the recipe. Here we go. 

The time required and other details 

Making desserts is something one enjoys. It is not taken as a burden even if a lot of time is required to make them. However, this mousse is not just easy to make, but also consumes a very small amount of time from your schedule. The Raspberry Chocolate Mousse would be ready in a total time of an hour and 30 minutes. Out of this, 30 minutes are to be dedicated to preparation. The final yield would satisfy 4 people. It must also be mentioned that this recipe takes in just 4 ingredients. 


The things that would be required 

Every recipe comes with its own list of ingredients, so does this mousse. We have listed down the total of 4 ingredients that would be needed as under: 

  • A cup filled with whipping cream 
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar 
  • A ¾ cup filled with chocolate chips, preferably semisweet 
  • One and a half cup of red raspberries that have been thawed, unsweetened and frozen 

When this small list is covered, you proceed to the process of cooking. 

The process for cooking 

This recipe, however easy to be pulled off, requires some precision to be carved out near perfection. Follow the steps listed below: 

  • Grab a medium sized bowl and place a strainer over it. Toss raspberries into the strainer as you press them using back of a spoon to discard seeds. Keep about 2 tablespoons of this puree aside for topping. 
  • Get a small saucepan and bring together in it 2 tablespoons cream, a tablespoon sugar, and chocolate chips. Place over a low flame for about 3-4 minutes while constantly stirring. Add the raspberry puree to this and allow cool for about 10 minutes. 
  • As the cooling takes place, grab a little bowl and beat the rest of the cream in it. Carry on until soft peaks appear. Add the leftover sugar to this and continue to beat until peaks are stiff. Keep aside half a cup of this cream, to be used as a topping. 
  • Now add the whipped cream into the chocolate mixture gently.  
  • Divide into parfait glasses and place them in the fridge for about an hour. 
  • Fold the puree kept aside until the cream kept aside. Place in the fridge for some time. Pipe this onto the mousse when serving. 

Therefore, you have your mousse ready. That was easy, wasn’t it? Try today. Happy eating! 

Inexpensive Ways To Decorate Your Dorm 

Living in a dorm sometimes comes as a part of your life. It is an important aspect of college life. Living in the same building as your friends comes with a cost, the cost to live in a dorm. While these places seem a bit off the mark, there are ways in which you can decorate them and make them all the more lively. We have worked out some cheap ways in which you can bring about a revolution inside your dorm.

These ways are not just easy on the pocket but also involve minimal effort. So let us see what these ways are. 

  • Get your pillows printed 

Grab some stencils, plain pillows and a quote you like and get creative. You could write a good morning message for yourself. 

  • Personalize your desk 

You can grab all the useless containers and spice them up a little before placing them on your desk. Place your essentials inside these jars and containers to keep everything organized. 

  • Work with some bright things 

Making your own lamps is easy, edgy and cheap. You can grab some old bottles and a small filament bulb and design a lamp for your study desk. 

  • Play with some colors 

A duvet can be given a new life with some dying. If you do not like what you have, do not be afraid to toss some colors onto it to change it to your liking. 

  • Play with patterns 

You can organize hanging things on a wall with the help of geometrically patterned Velcro. A unique pattern will definitely give a unique look to your dorm. 

  • Get some wooden finishing 

You can make a wooden caddy for yourself. Taking something like that to a shower would look funky and would radiate some aesthetics from the corner it has been placed at. 

  • Dip your frames 

Displaying artwork cannot get any better than this. You just need contrasting colors to dip your photo frame into. They will look dapper when hung onto the wall. 

  • Why not something related to science! 

A beaker can be easily turned into a lamp. A science student’s dorm can never have better vibes than this. 

  • Get painting your utensils 

Painting the utensils is easy and comes at a dirt cheap price. It can also tell your utensils apart with the help of this DIY. 

  • Get some bookends 

Bookends are funky in their own essence. They do not keep your books organized but also increments the amount of interest you take in your book rack. 

  • Try wall art 

Wall art can be easily created with the help of old magazines that do not serve any purpose. 

  • Bring in some rugs 

Rugs can be cheaply and easily located. They give a nice aesthetic appeal to your dorm without any effort. 

  • Make some funky hooks 

A raw look cannot be pulled off any better than by branches. Install some crooked branches in your dorm and paint them for a unique look. 

Hence, your dorm would also be a happening place. Happy decorating! 

How To Buy The Best Torque Wrench 

A torque wrench in simple terms is a tightening device. This device finds its place all the way inside your garage. The torque has to be kept at optimum when it comes to tightening the nuts. Too much of torque may damage the nuts while less than required torque may hinder the efficiency of the nut. Hence, there is a potential requirement for a device that can provide the optimum torque.

A torque wrench doubles up as that device and provided satisfactory results. However, there is also a need to know which particular torque wrench would suit you the best. A guide to buying the best torque wrench for you is as given under. 

The torque wrenches available in the market 

Undoubtedly, the market is flooded with brands that manufacture the torque wrench. Some of the important products are stated as under: 

  • CDI Computorq 
  • Tekton Drive 
  • GearWrench 

Besides these, there are several other products available in the market that may be considered. 


Some features you must keep an eye on 

We have listed down certain features you must look out for in a torque wrench. These features will vary in accordance with brands and prices. 

  • Grip: This is one of the most important features. An easy grip would make for a greater convenience. Things might get slippery inside the garage, but your grip should not be affected. 
  • Visibility of scale: The scale should be easily read to avoid crankiness during the work hours. 
  • Ratcheting:  One very convenient feature. The presence of this feature makes for an easier drive. 
  • Material: A metallic wrench is bound to be more durable than the plastic ones. 
  • Accuracy: Look out for the torque wrenches that have a better accuracy. 

Torque wrenches can be compared side by side against these features. 

Different types of torque wrenches 

There are generally three kinds of Torque Wrench. The types are as discussed below: 

  • Beam: This type of torque wrench is generally less reliable. 
  • Click-Type: These torque wrenches make a click sound when the torque applied is accurate. 
  • Electronic: These torque wrenches are very similar to the click-type but they make a beep sound when the right amount of torque is applied. 

 Sizes of torque wrenches 

There are many sizes available in the market, each one dedicated to a specific use. We will discuss some of the sizes available commercially as under: 

  • ¾ inch drive: This size is generally reserved for specialized utility. It does not find much usage in daily life.  
  • ½ inch drive: Especially suited for large sized bolts and nuts. It is generally used for transmission mounts, engine mounts and suspension. 
  • 3/8 inch drive: This is the most common size of nuts deployed in vehicles. 
  • ¼ inch drive: This size is suitable for small sized nuts. 

Now that all of your needs have been covered in the above discussion, you can easily make an informed decision. Get working on your torque wrench today! 

Smart Saving And Storage Ideas For Your Home 

Your home is the place you can fall back on. It is where expressions meet you. It is where you meet expressions. It is the place that needs to be decorated in accordance with your moods. Besides that, there are storage problems in every home and pulling off a smart strategy to keep things in place and to blend it in with a decor is a sparkling idea. We will look at such ideas in the discussion that is about to follow.

There will a bunch of ideas with a sprinkle of smartness over them. So, let us now see what those ideas are. 

Add frames to windows 

The borders of the windows in your house are mostly vacant and do not really serve a purpose. These borders can be easily transformed into frames. And these frames can be utilized as bookcases. Bridge this bookcase to add a tinge of character and personality to the area. If you feel creative enough, you can integrate a writing desk with this bookcase. The entire idea makes for a stellar decor and your books get a nice corner for themselves besides saving space. 

Utilize the corners 

The nooks and corners of your home do not serve any purpose but just to kill space. However, this space can be easily utilized if thought out smartly enough. A solution to this unutilized space is to tailor-make a storage frame for the corner. This frame can be utilized as a bookcase or a showcase to show off all that belongs to you. If you plan on elevating the frame all the way up to the ceiling, keep a fancy ladder handy. 

Install a bar 

A drinks cabinet is rapidly becoming the talk of the town these days. Installing a cabinet for yourself would be a funky idea then. Your drinks would get a separate space. To save up space with this idea, consider installing the cabinet on a wall. Use some creativity to embellish it with some vintage items. 

Display your treasury 

Installing shelves is one of the easiest tasks you can carry out at your home. These shelves can be utilized to keep the items worth displaying in an organized manner. If you are considerate of the decor, you can go for painting the background of the shelves in a vintage pattern to add to the depth of the case. 

Add a seat to the window 

The window is where most of the natural light at your home falls. There would not be a more refreshing place to have a seating area. Some amount of carpentering can bring about a good seating space by the window. Add colorful pillows to this space to make it look more pleasing. Moreover, this sitting space is capable of giving you some extra amount of storage underneath it. Therefore, it serves more than one purpose. 

These ideas have given you an insight into what you can possibly do at your home without putting in much effort. Start thinking smart today. Happy decorating! 

Mashed Potato Cheese Bites Recipe 

If there is anything that can match chicken in its ubiquity, it has got to be a potato. Potato is not just present everywhere, it is a hot favorite among the vegetarian folks. What makes potatoes unique is their richness in nutrients apart from a defined taste. Potatoes can easily make any recipe brighter but when it comes to recipes that are dominated by potatoes, hands down there is no comparison whatsoever. In the recipe we are going to discuss in this write-up, we seek to combine potatoes and cheese to make what has been known as Cheese Bites.

These bites are going to make your day. So without much lauding, let us see how these bites are brought to your platter. 

The time required and other small details 

This recipe falls into the category of easy recipes so it is going to be easy on you. But do not be mislead into judging that it makes for just another snack, these bites are going to affect in all the best ways of this culinary world. Mashed Potato Cheese Bites would require a total time of about 50 minutes. Out of this time, about 10 minutes are to be dedicated to preparation. The final yield would be a satisfying serving of 25 bites. 

The things that would be required 

A tidy list of ingredients comes with this recipe. This list has to be fulfilled in order to bring about the cheese bites on your platter. Let us see what that list is: 

  • 4 cups of vegetable oil 
  • One and a half cup of breadcrumbs 
  • 2 tablespoons of chives, chopped 
  • A large egg 
  • A ¾ cup filled with cheddar cheese, shredded 
  • 3 slices of bacon 
  • Half a cup of milk 
  • 2 tablespoons of butter 
  • A pouch of your favorite mashed potato mixture 

When these items are ready, proceed with the process for cooking. 

The process for cooking 

It is highly recommended that you stick to the steps that we have listed below in order that the final recipe is near perfection. 

  • Your mashed potato mixture is provided with pack instructions for cooking. Use those instructions to cook it with butter and milk. Allow the final composition to come down to the room temperature. 
  • Go on to cook bacon until you find it crispy. Keep this aside for cooling. Once cooling has occurred, crumble the bacon as you render it into bits. 
  • Grab a big bowl and it combines bacon bits, chives, egg, cheese, and potatoes. Mix the contents thoroughly. Carve the mixture into small balls with your hands. Bathe these balls in the breadcrumbs. Keep the yield aside for about 15 minutes. 
  • Heat your oil in a big pot. Having checked the oil, place balls on it. Go on to fry the balls until they appear golden. Drain excess oil using paper towels. 
  • Use some more chives for the purpose of garnishing before serving. 

Thus, your cheese bites are ready. You must try this easy recipe today. Happy frying! 

How to clean a Ninja Smoothie Blender 

Ninja has turned out as a brand that cannot be paralleled in any way. If coffee brewers were not enough, it came up with a line of blenders that cover all your smoothie needs. Rest assured, you will have a great experience with smoothies made by this device. However, it is worth mentioning that a lot of how well a machine function depends on its maintenance.


A device has to be maintained properly by its user in order that a long life is possible. One method of keeping your Ninja Blender healthy is to clean it at regular intervals. Cleaning the device keeps it free from all kinds of clutters that could result from continuous usage. Let us now see how cleaning can be carried out for your Ninja Blender.

Update: has come up with a post on the best ninja blender reviews wherein they go over all the models and compare as to which is the best for whom. If you find that interesting, you should surely give it a read.

There are usually two ways in which you can go about cleaning the blender. We will touch upon them in detail as under: 

Allow the blender to clean itself 

This method is handy if you do not wish to go for a dishwasher. Follow the steps mentioned under for self-cleaning: 

  • Pull the lid off and put it aside to start the process off. Keep the blade and pitcher intact for the succeeding step.  
  • Pour in some warm water up to the level of 3/4th the size of the container. Now add a dishwashing detergent to it. Avoid using more than one drop of the detergent. Replace the lid. 
  • Use the pulse button repeatedly to rinse the blender clean. 
  • Unplug the blender. Having removed the lid, take out the blade of the blender and place under running water. This should remove the soap. 
  • Use a towel to dry out the parts of the blender. 
  • Place the parts back after the process. Hence, your blender would be clean. 

Note: If the blender has not been satisfactorily cleaned, you can consider going for white vinegar in place of the detergent. Also, a tinge of chopped lemon added with the detergent can lead to sparkling results. 

Use a dishwasher 

The Ninja Blender allows you to clean its parts in a dishwasher. This utility makes the cleaning process easier. The lid and the pitcher are safe to be washed in a dishwasher. Follow the steps mentioned below for cleaning thoroughly: 

  • Ensure that the lender has not been plugged into the supply for safety reasons. 
  • Start by disassembling the parts. Take the pitcher off the blender, remove its lid and remove the blades. 
  • The top rack of the dishwasher must only be utilized to avoid potential damage to these relatively fragile parts. 
  • The dishwasher will take care of the rest of the process. While the cleaning of parts go on, you can manually clean the motor base. Avoid water contact with the base. 
  • After drying out the cleaned parts, put them back in place. 

Thus, you can clean your Ninja Blender easily. This process, however easy, is imperative to the functioning of the blender. Keep clean for the good. Happy blending! 

Nutella Popsicles Recipe 

The thing about the culinary world is that it has many things that cannot at all be resisted. We do not talk anything else here, but Nutella. Nutella has paved its way into every household today. This particular spread is not a luxury, it is a need today. And this need has been molded into highly succulent recipes. One such recipe is the Nutella Popsicles. Some say popsicles are best suited for kids but we argue against it, popsicles make for a stellar recipe for all ages.

And now that we carve Nutella into popsicles, the entire combination is heavenly and irresistible at best. This recipe is not the toughest in town and requires very fewer efforts and ingredients to pull off. Moreover, these popsicles can be tweaked to suit all needs. We will now focus on how it is done. 

The types of recipes and their ingredients 

As mentioned earlier, the Nutella Popsicles can be tweaked to suit all needs. We will demonstrate this in the recipes that follow. Here are some ingredients you must keep prepared in order that your Nutella Popsicles can be perfectly made. 


For the adults(boozy popsicles) 

  • 1/3 cup of Nutella 
  • Half a cup of milk 
  • Half a cup of Irish cream liquor 

Banana Pops 

  • Some pistachios 
  • 4 ripe bananas, large 
  • Half a cup of Nutella 

Creamy Popsicles 

  • Some salt 
  • Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract 
  • A cup of whole milk 
  • Half a cup of heavy cream 
  • Half a cup of condensed milk, sweetened 
  • ¾ cup of Nutella 

Basic recipe 

  • 1/3 cup of Nutella 
  • A cup of whole milk 

When these ingredients are ready, you can proceed to the process for cooking. 

The process for cooking 

Making popsicles is fairly easy. However, we must iterate that the process needs to be carried out with precision to avoid any potential mishaps. The steps for cooking are as follows: 

  • Bring together the Nutella and the whole milk and run the mixture in a blender. Or you can combine the ingredients in a big bowl and use an electric mixture. Avoid formation of lumps. 
  • Grab some popsicles molds into which the mixture will be poured. Pour in the mixture, leaving some room at the top. Stick the handles into this liquid. 
  • Transfer the moulds to the freezer and allow the mixture to freeze until it is rendered hard enough. 
  • Once the freezing part is done, remove the popsicles from the moulds. Try dipping the moulds in water so as to make the process easier. 
  • If you consider moving into the world of fancy Nutella Popsicle recipes, you only need to add all the ingredients into the blender and run it. The mixture will give a creamy texture to your popsicles. 

Thus, your succulent Nutella Popsicles will be ready in a matter of a few minutes. This recipe goes well with kids as much as it goes well with adults. Make for an enjoyable recipe today itself. Happy blending! 

Ninja Coffee Bar vs. Bunn Velocity Brew 

When it comes to coffee, there is hardly anything you can resist. Coffee is highly capable of boosting your mornings and spicing up your evenings. As a matter of fact, there is no good time to have coffee, all the times are just perfect to relish a good cup. When all the times are perfect, you obviously need something that can deliver coffee at your table. Such a service is provided by a coffee brewer.

The coffee brewer industry is flooded with brands promising great features but here we have churned out two stunning brands for you to compare. In this write-up, we would pit against each other Ninja Coffee Bar and Bunn Velocity Brew. 


The Ninja Coffee Bar 

Undoubtedly, Ninja has carved a niche for itself in the coffee brewer industry. It has its unique set standards that stand unparalleled by any other brand. Let us talk more about the Ninja. 

The good things to be proud of: 

  • Ninja provided its consumers with a flexible cup platform. The adjustable feature makes for a high convenience. 
  • If you are willing to keep a cup ready for yourself the next day, Ninja Coffee Bar has a fitting feature for you. This feature delays the brew for up to 24 hours. So you can rest assured that you would not run late for your work because you craved coffee in the morning. 
  • There are various sizes of the cup available with the Ninja. The sizes are small, L, XL, travel mug, etc. These sizes ensure that you have a brew ready according to the serving. 
  • There is a massive menu available for your Ninja. In fact, there is hardly any coffee recipe you can name that a Ninja brewer cannot make. 
  • There are several brew types available including the Over-Ice and Specialty brew that are specific to a type of recipes. 
  • There is a permanent filter installed on the brewer which gives the user the convenience of not having to replace it regularly. 

The cons to look out for: 

  • There is an inherent flaw in the machinery that causes the coffee to continue to drip even after an end has been signaled. 
  • The filter has not been known to work perfectly. 

The Bunn Velocity Brew 

The Bunn Velocity, on the other hand, is one known for its very basic design. The design is not your regular coffee machine design, it has been made to keep things simple. Let us look at more things now. 

The good things: 

  • The consumer service of Bunn has been known to be excellent. 
  • The device comes with a robust 3-year warranty. 
  • The brewer is provided with a swivel lid which makes pouring water an easy activity. 
  • The spray head ensures that the flavor of coffee has been completely extracted. 
  • The machine delivers hot coffee in a matter of just 3 minutes. 
  • The in-built tank maintains the water temperature at optimum. 

The cons to look out for: 

  • The device is not provided with a timer. 


The comparison has revealed some important features of the two machines. While we will be glad to recommend Ninja, the choice remains subjective. 

Happy brewing!