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Inexpensive Ways To Decorate Your Dorm 

Living in a dorm sometimes comes as a part of your life. It is an important aspect of college life. Living in the same building as your friends comes with a cost, the cost to live in a dorm. While these places seem a bit off the mark, there are ways in which you can decorate them and make them all the more lively. We have worked out some cheap ways in which you can bring about a revolution inside your dorm.

These ways are not just easy on the pocket but also involve minimal effort. So let us see what these ways are. 

  • Get your pillows printed 

Grab some stencils, plain pillows and a quote you like and get creative. You could write a good morning message for yourself. 

  • Personalize your desk 

You can grab all the useless containers and spice them up a little before placing them on your desk. Place your essentials inside these jars and containers to keep everything organized. 

  • Work with some bright things 

Making your own lamps is easy, edgy and cheap. You can grab some old bottles and a small filament bulb and design a lamp for your study desk. 

  • Play with some colors 

A duvet can be given a new life with some dying. If you do not like what you have, do not be afraid to toss some colors onto it to change it to your liking. 

  • Play with patterns 

You can organize hanging things on a wall with the help of geometrically patterned Velcro. A unique pattern will definitely give a unique look to your dorm. 

  • Get some wooden finishing 

You can make a wooden caddy for yourself. Taking something like that to a shower would look funky and would radiate some aesthetics from the corner it has been placed at. 

  • Dip your frames 

Displaying artwork cannot get any better than this. You just need contrasting colors to dip your photo frame into. They will look dapper when hung onto the wall. 

  • Why not something related to science! 

A beaker can be easily turned into a lamp. A science student’s dorm can never have better vibes than this. 

  • Get painting your utensils 

Painting the utensils is easy and comes at a dirt cheap price. It can also tell your utensils apart with the help of this DIY. 

  • Get some bookends 

Bookends are funky in their own essence. They do not keep your books organized but also increments the amount of interest you take in your book rack. 

  • Try wall art 

Wall art can be easily created with the help of old magazines that do not serve any purpose. 

  • Bring in some rugs 

Rugs can be cheaply and easily located. They give a nice aesthetic appeal to your dorm without any effort. 

  • Make some funky hooks 

A raw look cannot be pulled off any better than by branches. Install some crooked branches in your dorm and paint them for a unique look. 

Hence, your dorm would also be a happening place. Happy decorating! 

Smart Saving And Storage Ideas For Your Home 

Your home is the place you can fall back on. It is where expressions meet you. It is where you meet expressions. It is the place that needs to be decorated in accordance with your moods. Besides that, there are storage problems in every home and pulling off a smart strategy to keep things in place and to blend it in with a decor is a sparkling idea. We will look at such ideas in the discussion that is about to follow.

There will a bunch of ideas with a sprinkle of smartness over them. So, let us now see what those ideas are. 

Add frames to windows 

The borders of the windows in your house are mostly vacant and do not really serve a purpose. These borders can be easily transformed into frames. And these frames can be utilized as bookcases. Bridge this bookcase to add a tinge of character and personality to the area. If you feel creative enough, you can integrate a writing desk with this bookcase. The entire idea makes for a stellar decor and your books get a nice corner for themselves besides saving space. 

Utilize the corners 

The nooks and corners of your home do not serve any purpose but just to kill space. However, this space can be easily utilized if thought out smartly enough. A solution to this unutilized space is to tailor-make a storage frame for the corner. This frame can be utilized as a bookcase or a showcase to show off all that belongs to you. If you plan on elevating the frame all the way up to the ceiling, keep a fancy ladder handy. 

Install a bar 

A drinks cabinet is rapidly becoming the talk of the town these days. Installing a cabinet for yourself would be a funky idea then. Your drinks would get a separate space. To save up space with this idea, consider installing the cabinet on a wall. Use some creativity to embellish it with some vintage items. 

Display your treasury 

Installing shelves is one of the easiest tasks you can carry out at your home. These shelves can be utilized to keep the items worth displaying in an organized manner. If you are considerate of the decor, you can go for painting the background of the shelves in a vintage pattern to add to the depth of the case. 

Add a seat to the window 

The window is where most of the natural light at your home falls. There would not be a more refreshing place to have a seating area. Some amount of carpentering can bring about a good seating space by the window. Add colorful pillows to this space to make it look more pleasing. Moreover, this sitting space is capable of giving you some extra amount of storage underneath it. Therefore, it serves more than one purpose. 

These ideas have given you an insight into what you can possibly do at your home without putting in much effort. Start thinking smart today. Happy decorating!