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How To Buy The Best Torque Wrench 

A torque wrench in simple terms is a tightening device. This device finds its place all the way inside your garage. The torque has to be kept at optimum when it comes to tightening the nuts. Too much of torque may damage the nuts while less than required torque may hinder the efficiency of the nut. Hence, there is a potential requirement for a device that can provide the optimum torque.

A torque wrench doubles up as that device and provided satisfactory results. However, there is also a need to know which particular torque wrench would suit you the best. A guide to buying the best torque wrench for you is as given under. 

The torque wrenches available in the market 

Undoubtedly, the market is flooded with brands that manufacture the torque wrench. Some of the important products are stated as under: 

  • CDI Computorq 
  • Tekton Drive 
  • GearWrench 

Besides these, there are several other products available in the market that may be considered. 


Some features you must keep an eye on 

We have listed down certain features you must look out for in a torque wrench. These features will vary in accordance with brands and prices. 

  • Grip: This is one of the most important features. An easy grip would make for a greater convenience. Things might get slippery inside the garage, but your grip should not be affected. 
  • Visibility of scale: The scale should be easily read to avoid crankiness during the work hours. 
  • Ratcheting:  One very convenient feature. The presence of this feature makes for an easier drive. 
  • Material: A metallic wrench is bound to be more durable than the plastic ones. 
  • Accuracy: Look out for the torque wrenches that have a better accuracy. 

Torque wrenches can be compared side by side against these features. 

Different types of torque wrenches 

There are generally three kinds of Torque Wrench. The types are as discussed below: 

  • Beam: This type of torque wrench is generally less reliable. 
  • Click-Type: These torque wrenches make a click sound when the torque applied is accurate. 
  • Electronic: These torque wrenches are very similar to the click-type but they make a beep sound when the right amount of torque is applied. 

 Sizes of torque wrenches 

There are many sizes available in the market, each one dedicated to a specific use. We will discuss some of the sizes available commercially as under: 

  • ¾ inch drive: This size is generally reserved for specialized utility. It does not find much usage in daily life.  
  • ½ inch drive: Especially suited for large sized bolts and nuts. It is generally used for transmission mounts, engine mounts and suspension. 
  • 3/8 inch drive: This is the most common size of nuts deployed in vehicles. 
  • ¼ inch drive: This size is suitable for small sized nuts. 

Now that all of your needs have been covered in the above discussion, you can easily make an informed decision. Get working on your torque wrench today!