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Meet the Team

The WNY Craft Beer Magazine and WNYCraftBeer.com team includes business and print production professionals, creative design talent, and craft beer writers/aficionados:

Content Manager – Matt Kresconko (“Buffalo Brewhound”) (info@wnycraftbeer.com)

Ops/Sales Manager – Matt Braunscheidel (“Beer Puma”) (advertise@wnycraftbeer.com)

Publisher/General Manager – Matt Davison (“Sud Muffin”) (subscribe@wnycraftbeer.com)

Print Manager – Chris Riordan (“Brewdacris”) (chris@buffalocopy.com)

Print Manager – Fran Riordan (“Thirsty Growler”) (fran@buffalocopy.com)

Graphic Designer – Jessica Schmelzinger

Video/Photo Content Producer – Don Burns

Contributing Writers – Devon Karn, Katie Krawczyk, Dave Leyh, and Mike Farrell.

Interested in providing content for WNY Craft Beer Magazine and WNYCraftBeer.com?  E-mail info@wnycraftbeer.com to discuss your ideas.