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Keurig K55 Review

Coffee can never get enough of our praises. It is so badly ubiquitous that there is hardly anyone in the entire country that does not savour the taste of one good cup. A good cup of coffee is made with the help of a quality coffee maker. There is no better quality coffee maker than the K55 Keurig coffee maker reviews. One model to keep an eye on is the Keurig K55. This model is known for its versatility and accommodation for various sizes of K-cups. In a way, you can never get tired of this machine. We are writing this review to give you an insight into the benefits and shortcomings of this coffee maker.

  1. What comes in the box 

When you buy a brand new Keurig K55 from Amazon, its box is loaded with the important items. The box contains two water filters so that the ratio is not much affected, a handle for water filter, 4 pods or K-cups and the K55 coffee maker itself. 

  1. Some features to look out for 

The Keurig K55 has many important features out of the box that need to be touched upon. These features are: 

  • This coffee maker saves energy with the help of its unique feature known as the auto-off. This feature powers off the machine after registering idle run for about two hours. 
  • Descaling is a term that should go into your vocabulary related to coffee. It is the process of cleaning the coffee maker with white vinegar. 
  • K55 boasts of a reservoir capacity of 48 ounces which is considered stunning for a machine in this range. Also, the reservoir for water is detachable which makes way for easier cleaning. 
  • As mentioned earlier, the Keurig K55 can handle a wide range of K-cup sizes viz., from 6 ounces to 10 ounces. 

After touching upon the features, we will take a look at the cons and pros of the coffee maker. 

  1. What we did not find impressive 

No matter how good a product is, there is bound to be certain shortcomings or cons. We found the following cons in this machine: 

  • There is no temperature control present in this machine. This is setback for those who want to take control of the flavour manually. 
  • Furthermore, it nags us that there is no setting for high altitude. 
  • The maximum available size of cup is restricted to 9.25 ounces. 

If these things did not appeal to use, there are some that did. 

  1. What impressed us 

The pros of the Keurig K55 are: 

  • The water reservoir is removable for easier cleaning. 
  • The drip tray is removable. 
  • Keurig is the easiest machine to use. The convenience is unmatched. 
  • It is compatible with a wide range of K-cups that include those from Keurig itself and those that are manufactured by other brands. 

We think that these pros are enough to attract you. 

This sums up our review for the Keurig K55. While we did bring all the important features to you, the final choice rests in your hands. Happy brewing!